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The topics you will cover

01. Prospecting

  • Leave with exact email, call, and LinkedIn copy to generate leads and business.

  • Modern techniques to design emails and LinkedIn outreach.

  • The call script that converts.

  • The sequences you need.

02. Discovery

  • Leave with a custom created call outline so you can remain consistent with each call.

  • Learn 3 techniques to improve every question you ask, whether on a sales discovery call or asking your significant other where they want to go to dinner.

  • Use questions to get clients to sell themselves on problems that you exclusively solve. 

  • Use a tweak of language to get clients to tell you their secret pains.

03. Closing

  • Leave with the exact phrases to handle during the most stressful parts of the sales process.

  • Learn the 3 go-to tricks to handle any objection.

  • Control the conversation, the next steps, and the outcome of your calls with 4 sentences. 

  • Prepare your blockers for when customers ask for discounts.


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The BIG Sales Kickoff With Mike Manzi

The Big Sales Kickoff is capped to limited numbers to allow for maximum interactivity and for everyone to come away with practical and personable outcomes.

The Sales Kickoff with Mike Manzi.jpg

Hi, I am,

Mike Manzi.


Mike Manzi is a 10x Head of Sales who has sold over $50M by focusing on 2 things - Turn complex visions from CEOs into actionable plans and turn sales methodologies and philosophies into actionable tricks to be used in real live sales calls.

When done together, you spend less time handholding reps and stressing over how to make it work and more time thinking about how you can duplicate what's already working - all without having to do any of the heavy lifting on your own.

Companies like John Deere, Khoros, Wistia, and Interpublic group use Mike's proven "8 years of sales experience in 8 hours" playbook and his 5 step process to build sales organisations to take their business to a next level this year,

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Why the BIG Sales Kickoff?

This event is for you if you're looking to be more successful in your business development or sales role. 


We are excited to bring you The Big SKO with Mike Manzi, taking place on Thursday 6th October! As this is a virtual event, you can attend from wherever you are located.

In this day-long workshop, we'll be helping you learn how to improve your number and goals by working on three key areas: Prospecting, Discovery and Closing.

You'll leave this workshop with a clear understanding of what it takes to become a top performer in your field.

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Mike's past clients include

Quick info bites

Connect with Mike

Who will attend?

  • Account Executive

  • Account Manager

  • Business Development Manager

  • Business Development Representative

  • Customer Success  Manager

  • Inside Sales Representative

  •  Sales Development Representative

  •  Sales Manager

To allow maximum interaction amongst participants and Mike himself. The goal is for every individual to come back with a clear plan to improve in their roles immediately, and from experience, this is best achieved with limited numbers. 

Why is the workshop capped?