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Higher Education Women's Leadership Workshop

2nd Higher Education

Women's Leadership Workshop 

Leading With Resilience Into The Future

The Higher Education Women's Leadership Workshop is capped to limited numbers to allow for maximum interactivity and for everyone to come away with practical and personable outcomes.

This workshop is open to any woman who works in higher education and wants to take her next step in their career; women include transgender women and non-binary people who are comfortable in a female-centred group.

Female representation within academia


of all  Vice-Chancellors are female


of all executive team members are female


of all heads at the top tier  of the academic structure are female 


Hi, I am,

Daniela Bultoc.

I will be your facilitator for the 2nd Higher Education Women's Leadership Workshop

Winner of the UK Times Higher Education Awards and recognised at a UK national level for three consecutive years for outstanding support for researchers and academics, Daniela has a passion for supporting individuals, teams and organisations to excel in what they do.

She is also an emotional intelligence and resilient leader coach, and a Vitae Senior Fellow Researcher Developer, and has been recognised in the sector for her contributions to supporting and developing researcher development practices and policies.

She worked with several leading universities in the UK and internationally and as a communities of practice expert, in her role as UCL Head of Communities of Practice, the project she led, won the 2019 UHR Awards for best organisational culture change initiative in the sector, as she set-up and implemented impactful collaborative mechanisms across the whole organisation.

Resilient Leaders Elements (RLE)

Pre & Post Workshop tools

We will provide free access to the Resilient Leaders Element tool for one month. You will be able to use this pre and post-workshop to understand your true leadership style.

The programme offers the opportunity for participants to engage with the Resilient Leaders Elements (RLE) tool aimed at supporting you to lead with resilience through uncertainty and change. RLE includes a self-assessment mapping report, 360 feedback and a virtual coach with the option to also measure progress towards your goals.

Watch the last panel discussion here

What some of our delegates said...

"Insightful and enlightening"

"A valuable and engaging workshop for aspiring leaders"

"Great Panel Discussion"

"Thought-provoking, guiding, reflective"


"Learn more about yourself in a supportive friendly atmosphere!"

"An interesting and thought-provoking workshop"

"It gave me a clear map to develop my leadership"

"I think I gave it in the zoom chat but I left feeling that higher education leadership is in good hands after my experience of the workshop and working with committed current and aspiring leaders in higher education across the UK and Ireland."

"A point to pause and reflect on your leadership journey through the experiences of others who are your fellow travellers and those who have reached ahead."

How was our facilitator? 

"Daniela was a wonderful facilitator, knowledgeable, confident and warm."    

"I found this workshop very valuable. I have been in other leadership workshops for women and they were very soft touch and I couldn't relate to a lot of the content. Your workshop was very inspiring and clearly tailored to the academic audience. I really like the online resources and self-assessment tools. The feedback is also eye-opening. Great job of Daniela as facilitator and Jack on the background!"    

"Daniela had an excellent way of managing the group."

"Daniela kept the sessions focused and on time."

"Very engaging, positive and encouraging"

"Our facilitator was very good"

Topics you will cover













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