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Who doesn't love a freebie, right?

Leadership, development and training should be for all - not just those that attend our events! 

We've put together some free resources that combine an event-based format and content from "The OYS Podcast". 

We will keep this library of videos and content updated with as much information as possible to help our current, past or future clients develop and take tips and tricks into their careers. 

We hope this is helpful 😀 

Leadership insight

👑 A better leader leads by example and sets a positive tone for the team. 🌟

Leading by example means practising what you preach. When a leader demonstrates the behaviour and work ethic they expect from their team, it creates a sense of trust and respect. A positive attitude and demeanour can inspire team members to follow suit and foster a healthy work environment.


💬 Effective communication is key to being a great leader. Listen actively and engage with your team. 🗣️

Effective communication involves both expressing ideas clearly and actively listening to others. A great leader should encourage open and honest communication within the team, ensuring everyone feels heard and valued. This creates a collaborative atmosphere and promotes the sharing of ideas and feedback.


🧠 Empathy and understanding foster strong relationships with team members. ❤️

Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of others. A good leader takes the time to understand their team members' perspectives, challenges, and needs. By showing empathy, leaders build trust, strengthen relationships, and create a supportive and compassionate work environment.


🎯 Setting clear goals and expectations helps keep everyone focused and motivated. 🎯

Setting clear and achievable goals provides direction and purpose for the team. When team members know what is expected of them, they can align their efforts toward the common objectives. This clarity boosts motivation and helps track progress effectively.


🔍 A great leader recognises and nurtures the strengths of each team member. 🌱

Every team member brings unique skills and talents to the table. A good leader identifies these strengths and ensures that each individual's abilities are fully utilised. Recognising and nurturing these strengths not only enhances the team's performance but also boosts the confidence and job satisfaction of team members.


💡 Innovation thrives in an environment where ideas are encouraged and valued. 💡

A great leader fosters a culture of innovation by encouraging creativity and risk-taking. Team members should feel comfortable sharing their ideas, knowing their contributions will be respected and considered. This approach promotes continuous improvement and can lead to groundbreaking solutions.


⏳ Time management is crucial for maximising productivity and meeting deadlines. ⏰

As a leader, time management is essential for setting priorities, organising tasks, and meeting deadlines. Being organised and efficient not only sets a good example for the team but also ensures that projects are completed successfully and on time.


🙌 Recognizing and celebrating achievements boost team morale and confidence. 🎉

Acknowledging the accomplishments of team members, whether big or small, fosters a sense of appreciation and satisfaction. Celebrating achievements not only boosts team morale but also encourages a positive and supportive team culture.


🤝 Collaboration and teamwork build a stronger and more cohesive group. 🤝

A leader should encourage a collaborative environment where team members work together towards common goals. By promoting teamwork, leaders foster a sense of unity and synergy within the team, leading to better problem-solving and higher overall productivity.


💪 Resilience and adaptability are vital traits for navigating challenges and setbacks. 💪

Leaders should be resilient and adaptable when facing challenges and setbacks. Demonstrating strength in adversity and being open to change sets a positive example for the team. A leader's ability to handle challenges with composure and flexibility can motivate the team to do the same, fostering a resilient and high-performing group.

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