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Training and events advice-that show results.

Get advice from someone who has lived and breathed the up's and down's of the training and event sector. 

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Hi, I'm Jack Waddell, 

I'm a current CEO of a professional development training organisation and consultant for events and training organisations specifically.

So let's jump straight in...

Every company is different.

That's why I'm here to help — to help you make your training and events organisation more streamlined, better equipped and generate more revenue.

I know that all training and events companies are unique, with their own challenges and opportunities.

That's why I offer a range of services to suit your needs, whether you need just a hand with one project or would like to work on a longer-term project, I have the flexibility.

I'll work with you to understand your business, its needs and goals, then bring my expertise in the industry to help you achieve those objectives. We'll work together if that be in person or remotely, depending on what works best for you and your team - but the end result is the process implementation that provides you with results. 

I started working on a consultancy basis in late 2019 - hindsight is a fantastic thing isn't it - then took a break and jump back into the full-time working world whilst everything was fairly uncertain. Actually, let's rephrase that - the world was on fire and no one knew what was going to happen! In the training and event sector, this was a really difficult time but it was a good planning and preparation time - looking at processes, streamlining, and adding technology that not only had short-term results but a platform for future growth from a long-term perspective. 


After things calmed down, I was back into it - consulting within call centres, construction, hygiene, information technology and working with start-ups. Then I went back to where my passion lies – training and events.

Whilst I have a pretty hectic calendar with current consultancy projects and still guiding OYS to new growth plans. When I do have some time off the screen, I enjoy travelling, going to the football walking the not so chilled ex-army German Sheppard and seeing family and friends catch up. I know what you are thinking, it's more of a pull than a walk isn't it Jack? And you would be 100% correct! I have added a couple of cute photos of Kayla - I may be slightly biased I know - but isn't she cute! 

So getting back to it, how can I help? Well, below there are some key areas where I have worked with companies throughout numerous countries including; the UK, USA, Australia, Poland, and UAE. 

Additionally, I have added some videos to give you some of the tools that may be useful for you! 😀


Sales, Marketing & Brand

Sales, marketing and branding – the key to success in the training and events industry. It can be difficult to decipher the best channels to penetrate, the best way to optimize your sales funnel and then to know what place tools and processes to put into place to create a high conversion rate. Alongside this, understanding what you need to create a strong credible brand that delivers positive market awareness. These are all crucial areas that organisations need to understand to differentiate and deliver successful outcomes. This is how I can help you, lets's talk.

Processes, Systems Streamlining & Operational Proficiency

Making sure you have the right processes and systems in place is key when evaluating growth. You need the right processes and systems to get the right results. I can help look at your current process, your technology capability and how we streamline these to get the best results for you and your business. Additionally, for any new process, I put in place I will give you a process guide that is clear and easy to understand.


Having the right organisation structure and capable teams in place is vitality important to ensure your organisational processes deliver efficiently. An organisation requires clear goals and an understanding of how these impact operations and the day-to-day life of a business. 

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 Production of Training & Events 

Making sure you have the right events schedule is key. Understanding your market is integral to understanding which products will deliver the best results. On understanding market needs, then creating a product which will service needs and attract a strong pool of attendees. All the work that goes into launching an event takes time and effort. Businesses need to understand how they stand out from the crowd – what their differentiator is. These are things I can help with and advise on to make sure you are standing out from the crowd. 

Sales Training

I have been in sales for over a decade, I have done F2F (Face to Face), B2B (Business to Business), B2C (Business to consumer), and Account management among other roles in the sales space.  I have created sales training programs from scratch which have been impactful and delivered growth for businesses. If you would like me to create sales training from scratch and give some refresher training to your team then I can assist you with this.

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If you are looking to grow your sales team, customer success, operations or any other role - I can again assist you with this. When recruiting it's expensive and time-consuming, so it's important to get your hires' rights. I can provide you with a recruitment process that will support you get quicker hires and get the right people into your business. I am not a recruiter - but once you hire over 100+ people, you tend to understand what to look for and what not to look for in a potential employee of your business. 


Flexible Consultancy 

Typically consultants come in and advise on what to do - without actually doing a great deal. I know because I worked with one - no names mentioned - and that's not ideal if you are looking for results that determine a good quarter or a bad one. I enjoy implementing systems, processes, and new tools, helping support the recruitment process. I can either be in the business on a contract term or behind the scenes on a project basis. 


Where do we start?

I typically follow looks something like this:

  1. Schedule a call via Google Meet – I’ll present a couple of questions to you before we meet, just so I have a foundational understanding of your requirement 

  2. We meet and I delve further into why you are looking to partner. What challenges you are facing? What goals you are looking to achieve?

  3. I will then provide feedback after our call on areas I know I will add value and provide some suggested tools and techniques. Along with this, I’ll provide an indicative timeline and costs for the project. 

  4. We will have a second call to review, go through any questions and understand if we are a good fit to collaborate. 

  5. If we decided we are happy, then we can discuss the start date and arrange payment. 



I have two types of costings:

  1. Twice monthly advisory call - equals four hours total per month - you pick the date. This is £285 

  2. Project Cost - I will give you a project costing quote which will outline what will be one in a set amount of days. My date rate is £300. 

    Why am I being so transparent and open with the numbers - well very simply my time is valuable and if we have discussion after discussion and then I give you a price that is out of budget this is a waste of time for you and for me! So hopefully that helps you make your decision to enquire about me working with you on your business and assisting you with growth, revenue and future success. 

    You can book a time below which is convenient for you. 


Giving you the right

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