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Delivering Exceptional Service Workshop
Delivering Exceptional Service Workshop

On request


Online - on request event

Delivering Exceptional Service Workshop

Time & Location

On request

Online - on request event

About the Event


This course is for customer service professionals, team leaders and technical experts who need to get that extra edge when they email or call their customers. You don't want to be just the company's customer service person – you know the product inside out – and you want to keep your customers delighted with the performance. This course will teach you:

Service Culture, Principles & Responsibilities

Learning Outcomes:

  • Deliver an informative, empathetic and professional service.
  • Act as an ambassador for your organisation.
  • Handle awkward/embarrassing situations seamlessly.

Defning Service Standards

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate the approach and mindset required to consistently deliver exceptional service.
  • Identify the desired outcomes and hidden needs of customers to deliver tailored solutions.
  • Improve internal communications and working relationships with colleagues.

Service-Focused Communication Skills

Learning Outcomes

  • Increase self-awareness, confidence and professionalism.
  • Become a more believable, persuasive and influential communicator.
  • Consistently communicate a responsive (can-do) approach.

Managing Expectations Responsively

Learning Outcomes

  • Select the correct levels of assertion during confrontational conversations.
  • Demonstrate a willingness to help by proactive problem-solving.
  • Identify desired outcomes and validate the practicality/suitability of requests.


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