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Diversity and Inclusion Accelerator
Diversity and Inclusion Accelerator

On request


Online - on request event

Diversity and Inclusion Accelerator

Time & Location

On request

Online - on request event

About the Event

The Diversity and Inclusion Accelerator is designed for accelerating your D&I program and enhancing your skills on this topic. This one-day course takes a deeper look at the state of diversity and inclusion (D&I) in today's organizations, where it can be improved, and the attitudes required for success.

Most people and organisations have the best of intentions when it comes to Diversity and Inclusion — they not only want to do the right thing, their friends, partners, even their future employees and customers demand it. Income equality, gender equality, racial equality are all forces at work in our culture. And yet the pace of change can be slower than we’d hope. Remember, you not only want to do the right thing, but you also understand how compelling the business case is.

What will we cover:

  • Diversity, equality and inclusion are words that we hear a lot in the news but what do they really mean?
  • What is meant by the terms equity, diversity & inclusion (ED&I)?
  • Why do these terms matter and who benefits from them?
  • Look at UK law and legislation (which doesn’t say all that much about ED&I).
  • Also, I’ll be talking a bit about the language we use to get buy-in and make the case for focusing on ED&I within your organisation.
  • We will also cover what an ED&I policy is, whether you need one and how to build one within your organisation.
  • There’s also a useful diagram that you can use to show stakeholders how ED&I fits within your wider diversity & inclusion strategy.


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