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Efficient and robust Complaint Handling Workshop
Efficient and robust Complaint Handling Workshop

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Online - on request

Efficient and robust Complaint Handling Workshop

Time & Location

On request

Online - on request

About the Event

If you have received a complaint, the temptation may be to rush to ‘close complaints down’. This will leave customers feeling that they are being ‘handled’ rather than dealt with – and feel valued as individuals. It is important to remember that your aim is always to give the highest standard of customer service possible – and this should never change, regardless of whether a complaint has been made.

This course will help participants learn how to handle complaints and negative online reviews with confidence and professionalism. The course will enable them to communicate effectively with customers experiencing frustration, stress, and anxiety from the complicated processes of buying products or services and will equip them with the skills necessary to defuse emotionally charged people and regain their trust. 

The course will allow them to investigate customer frustrations without furthering their dissatisfaction, formulate sustainable solutions, and effectively manage customer expectations during the process. 

Participants will be able to apply the knowledge gained in daily communications with customers, enabling them to engage more effectively as they do so. In this workshop we will look at:

Receiving Complaints: Ownership, Preferences & Attitudes

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the psychology and expectations of a complaining customer.
  • View complaints as an opportunity to retain customers, learn and improve.
  • Understand your own behavioural style and adapt responses to build trust and rapport.

Engaging Complainants: Listening, Empathising & Connecting

Learning Outcomes

  • Recognise customer emotions and select the correct level of empathy.
  • Defuse emotionally charged customers by neutralising negativity.
  • Engage with customers and build natural rapport – helping to remain in control of conversations.

Validating Complaints: Questioning & Root Cause Analysis

Learning Outcomes

  • Validate complaints and respectfully align invalid complaints.
  • Know when to provide an immediate fix vs. conducting more detailed investigations.
  • Pinpoint reasons for the complaint – Root Causes & Drivers.

Resolving Complaints: Redress & Expectation Management

Learning Outcomes

  • Ensure the value of solutions reflects the nature/seriousness of the complaint.
  • Link decisions with desired outcomes so customers feel listened to and treated fairly.
  • Reduce the likelihood of being challenged when delivering unfavourable outcomes.


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