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It's as simple as that. We want professionals to OWN THEIR SUCCESS! 

Progressive professionals who want to be at the forefront of their organisation and sector, encouraging best practice implementation and personal and staff growth, need to ensure they are continuing to invest in themselves.


Whether you are a current or future leader, owning your career, learning from peers and understanding modern tools and techniques is the only way to truly establish yourself as a front runner in your space.

OYS offers proven programs that are designed to provide you with key insights and outcomes that will allow you to elevate yourself as a leader and encourage the elevation of the team around you.​

As an attendee at one of our programs, you will create and start implementing your OWN roadmap, which will enhance YOUR capability and create a clear pathway for future SUCCESS.

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Own Your Success is dedicated to delivering the highest quality training events and unique and memorable delegate experience - delivered with enthusiasm, liveliness and excitement for professionals advancing their careers.




As an organisation, we need to demonstrate honesty, openness, accountability, and a straightforward attitude towards all business interactions – our clients, facilitators and internal team.



We are a learning organisation and we need to listen to our clients, facilitators and team to make sure we work together to be successful in our mission to deliver the highest-quality learning experience.



We love helping and developing people to be the best version of themselves. If you’re having fun then that means our clients are going to get the best experience possible. We are serious about developing people, but who says you can’t have a chuckle whilst doing it.



Communication is a major part of a professional’s journey and so it’s a major part of ours too. Therefore our focus is strong communication with our clients, facilitators and team to make sure we deliver on what we set out to achieve - the best quality training programs for professionals advancing their careers.


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Jack Waddell

Founder and CEO

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Jack Waddell

Founder and CEO

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Jack Waddell

Founder and CEO

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Our advisory board provides non-binding strategic advice to our senior management team. This informal nature of our advisory board gives us greater flexibility in structure and management compared to a board of directors. 

Our aim is to grow and develop gradually, whilst being customer-centric, dynamic and forward-thinking

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Julie Robinson

Advises on Facilitation, customer service & CX

Julie has over 20+ years experience of working in Director level leadership roles with organisations in the FTSE 100. 

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Christopher Martin 

Advises on Sales, Marketing & communications.

Christopher has worked in training and development organisations for over 10+ years. He has been involved in producing, marketing and sales campaigns at various stages of his career. 

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