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Creative & Design Partnership

28 Oct 2021

New creative partner with Holly Mcnie Design

We are delighted to announce that Holly Mcnie Design will be our Creative and Design partner for Own Your Success events.

Holly has been an outstanding asset to OYS over the past weeks helping build, create programs that fit our market, image and overall branding.

After confirming the partnership for our current programs which are launching 29th October 2021 and future events, Holly said:

"I am delighted to be the digital and creative partner with OYS for their Manager to Leader and Senior Leadership workshops.
We have collaborated closely on the design of the programmes for both events to create something that celebrates the value each event will bring to their delegates and we can’t wait to show you the result!"

We are delighted to have someone as astute as Holly and a real talent and expert in her field.

OYS looks forward to a fruitful partnership and bringing success to all who engage with our brands.

If you would like to discuss upcoming creative and design projects please visit:

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