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Manager to Leader Workshop UK: Workshop Facilitator confirmed

21 Oct 2021

We are delighted to confirm that Julie Robinson will be our facilitator for our "Manager to Leader" workshop, which will be held virtually in February 2022.

We are delighted to announce that Julie will be our facilitator for our Manager to Leader workshop for the UK, which will be held virtually in February 2022.

Julie is a corporate leader veteran turned facilitator and coach, Julie brings over 25 years of corporate experience to her leadership development, team development and coaching.

Having worked at Director level at an airline, financial services company, online gaming business and as a non-executive at a logistics organisation, Julie has extensive experience in directing global teams in the development of world-class products and services, leading change, and turning strategy into operational results. Consequently, she understands the thorny challenges of leadership and developing high-performing teams. Also having made a number of leadership transitions, she has experience of the skills and values required when transitioning through leadership levels.

Julie was keen to share her learnings with other leaders and thirteen years ago moved into her coaching and development role. Since then, she has facilitated learning interventions for different size groups of leaders at different levels in a wide variety of business segments.

Recent assignments:
- Lead facilitator of an eighteen-month leadership programme for senior leaders at a construction company.
- Group coaching of ten senior managers to develop their personal resilience.
- Team coaching for a General Manager and his team to set clear direction, accountability and improved stakeholder management.

Julie also holds a Post-Graduate Diploma in Coaching and Development, a European Mentoring and Coaching Council Senior Practitioner accreditation (EIA) and studied the Psychology of Leadership, Change and Coaching with the CIPD; Strategic Planning at Cranfield and the role of the Director with the Institute of Directors. She is also an accredited Insights psychometric profiling practitioner and facilitator and an accredited Q-OPD 360 Practitioner.

To join Julie at our Manager to Leader Workshop please look out for details coming soon on the 29th of October, when our new range of workshops launch.

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