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New development workshop - Diversity and Inclusion Accelerator

6 Apr 2022

One of the most challenging aspects of implementing a diversity and inclusion program is helping decision-makers understand why it is important.

The D&I Accelerator is an intensive three-day workshop that takes attendees through the fundamentals of diversity and inclusion. The purpose is to help participants understand how ED&I (equity, diversity, and inclusion) can impact an organization’s bottom line and give HR professionals the tools they need to convince their leaders to buy-in.

This workshop covers the concepts at the core of ED&I, and gives you knowledge about what skills are needed for working with stakeholders. We also discuss and build your understanding of UK law and legislation, as well as how to make the case for focusing on ED&I within your organization.

This workshop will help you develop an inclusive workforce that will increase retention, improve employee satisfaction, and boost productivity by providing a more inclusive environment for all employees.

For more details please visit the workshop on the link below:

Want to discuss in more detail? Call us on 0800 949 9111

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