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Senior Leadership Workshop UK: Workshop Facilitator confirmed

27 Oct 2021

We are delighted to confirm that Candy Jannetta will be our facilitator for our "Senior Leadership workshop", which will be held virtually in February 2022.

We are delighted to announce that Candy will be our facilitator for our Senior Leadership workshop for the UK, which will be held virtually in February 2022.

A little about Candy -

With a marketing background working for Warner Music International and CNN, Candy has a wealth of experience in enabling large corporates to nurture talent, develop outstanding leaders and embed a new culture.

She approaches all her coaching and facilitation with a focus on embedding behavioural change in line with a business’s strategy whilst creating a feeling of total trust within the groups she leads. Spearheading the design and delivery for clients in North America, Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Candy is particularly interested in applying virtual learning to enable global collaboration and to speed innovation.

Working on a global level, Candy designs and leads cultural change and leadership development programs for a wide range of high-profile multinational organisations including Adidas, AXA, Lebara, Kering, Unicef and ICBC Standard Bank.

Her areas of expertise include; Leadership Development, Executive Coaching, High-Performance Coaching, Virtual and Hybrid Facilitation, Creating Executive Presence, Developing Emotional Intelligence and Talent Development.

Candy brings her warmth, her inspiration and her depth of expertise to her workshops, helping her learners to grow, transform and positively impact their teams and the business they are contributing to. She values diversity highly and inclusion is at the heart of Candy’s style which she uses to create the best possible learning experiences. She is exceptionally skilled at virtual facilitation, building an immediate connection with all the individuals in her group, and making them feel included and special. As a result, she delivers highly engaging, creative and interactive online sessions that leave delegates both energised and enthused. Candy’s success lies in enabling client teams to identify their own performance blockers and in skillfully coaching these teams so they drive business results.

Certified Team Coach
Certified Life Coach
Certified Youth Coach
Certified in the Emotional Intelligence psychometric, Emotional Capital Report
Chartered Institute of Marketing post-graduate diploma in marketing
Teaching English as a Foreign Language
Honours Degree in French and English

Part of the design and delivery team that won Gold in the Brandon Hall HCM Excellence Awards for ‘Best Innovative or Unique Leadership Program 2021’ for Adidas Management Development Experience.

“I’m always looking to innovate and adapt to our ever-changing world and business environment. I love to learn new skills and up my game so that I can constantly deliver thought-provoking and inspiring workshops that are both professionally and personally transformative for my learners.”

To join Candy at our Senior Leadership Workshop please look out for details coming soon on the 29th of October, when our new range of workshops launch.

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