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Update: Launch of NEW programs

29 Oct 2021

Launch of new development workshops for the UK & Australia.

Launch of new programs

In recent months OYS has been taken time to assess the business and assess the needs of the market. Time and dedication have gone into improving the effectiveness of the business internally and as such means, the process of working with OYS is as smooth as ever. In the market, we have noticed that clients are looking for impactful programs that create a clear path for progression and development. As such we have been working hard to ensure that we bring to market services that will truly inspire and create a platform for success.

Therefore, today OYS is delighted and very proud to announce the launch of our new creative and innovative programs the “Manager to Leader Workshop” & “Senior Leadership workshop.”

If you are looking for initiatives that will hone in on your capability as a leader, then look no further. Our 2-day workshops will be delivered by carefully chosen expert facilitators, who have a pedigree of experience in the development of managers and senior leaders. Working with them and as part of a group with like-minded peers, you will create a comprehensive plan which will give you the tools to own your success.

Prior to attendance, you will receive our carefully selected OYS delegate pressie pack. On attending you will learn how to improve your effectiveness and capability. Post-event you will have a roadmap, which will provide you with a path to manage your success.

Please visit the below to book you and your colleague seats and take advantage of our “early bird” rates.

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